A summary is given below of Fermalogic's papers and patents in the area of metabolic engineering. The commercial application of this research falls in the area of strain and process improvement, especially for macrolide antibiotics, and erythromycin in particular.

Metabolic Engineering: FERMACHANNELINGTM

Fermachanneling is a way to boost secondary product yield by channeling precursors from primary metabolism into secondary metabolism. We have found that the primary metabolite may be directed away from something as basic as the TCA cycle (Reeves et al., 2004), or from something as unexpected as cell wall biosynthesis (Fedashchin et al., 2015). Precursor feeding can be combined with Fermachanneling to boost yields even higher (Weber et al, 2012).

Fermalogic has the earliest patents and know-how in this area which we offer to interested partnersand clients in industry desiring consulting or contract laboratory assistance including use of our experimental tools and designs.

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