The Power of ActinocoresTM

N a t u r e ’ s

m o l e c u l e sTM

ActinocoresTM are repurposed drug building-blocks,

cost-effective, high-quality, molecular cores,

fine-tuned by nature, for drug discovery at

university labs, biotech startups, and

pharmaceutical companies.

What We Do

Since 1991 Fermalogic has performed basic research in microbial natural products with a specialty in macrolides. Our work has been sponsored by the NIH and the pharmaceutical industry. Our scientists have developed biological strain and process improvements, novel co-products, and natural actinocoreTM products that we now make available to other scientists to accelerate their research efforts.

Metabolic Engineering Research

Fermalogic has been a leader in pre-clinical antibiotic research and development.

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Fermentation Co-product Research

Fermentions are more profitable and less wasteful when co-products are recovered.

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Antibiotic Research Presentations

Activator genes turn on antibiotic production and uncover insights into the control of this process.

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